I-C Mirroring Systems

Our solutions have the breath of functionality you expect for the most advanced banking (micro finance) requirements, combined with the industry's leading digital channels. The connected front, center and back will transform your bank into a customer-focused, profitable sales engines

Banks (micro finance) in Indonesia are seeking to increase profitability by expanding new market segments and customers, offering competitive products and supporting an increasing channel line. Innovation is critical to success, but there is also an endless focus on efficiency and productivity and the need for easy implementation.

I-C Mirroring System  a financial application program that can be applied throughout the company that prioritizes an accurate and secure financial system. Can be applied among others in Banking, Hospital, Insurance and so on.

  • Some advantages of the I-C Mirroring Systems
    • Flexibility integration
    • Multi OS version & scalable hardware
    • Stability performance
    • Less bandwidth used
    • Competitive price
    • Multi Branch
    • Local support & maintenance
    • Easier and more flexible backup options
    • Easier and more flexible backup options
    • Savings Products
    • Ability to work with and use the target copy for reporting and query Lookup
    • Whilst backups are running changes are still being sent to the target system and cached there
    • With Library Redirect you can have multiple source systems replicate to a single target
    • Ability to roll back transactions via journaling or refresh individual objects where required without the need for a full refresh