Data Destruction

We also care about the security and confidentiality of your company data. Your business depends on its data, it has value for your competitors and your reputation can be at stake if it is found that you have leaked client information. Therefore we also provide service solutions for your company with Data Destruction services .
With your secure data guaranteed with us to be destroyed. This along with a detailed report listing each unique serial number gives you complete accountability of each digital media device

Step for Data destruction :
1. Collect the hard disk and tape to be collected
2. Ensure the hard disk and tape to be destroyed in a state already in the copy
3. Record the hard disk and tape with the scanned bar code to be recorded each tape that has been destroyed to be given to the client
4. Disassemble metal or iron parts (hard disk) to facilitate the destruction
5. Recording the destruction process to make documentation for the client
6. Dispose of the destruction to a designated place for recycling
7. Create a written report to the client if the destruction has been completed
8. Minimum data to be destroyed is 100 disks

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