IBM AS/400 9406 Model 520

Condition : Refurbished

The 9406 IBM System i5 Model 520 uses i5/OS V5R3 or V5R4, an integrated operating system that builds on and extends the capabilities of OS/400. The IBM System i5 520 can help reduce complexity, simplify your IT infrastructure and help you regain control of your increasingly complex business. Built on IBM’s 64-bit processor technology, it is one of the industry’s most powerful and flexible systems. The 520 is offered with one or two processors. The 1.5/1.65GHz model 520 performance ranges from 500 to 6,000 CPW.

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Description  IBM Machine Model
Model  / Serial Number 9406-520 SN (65-A0C6D)
System processor feature 8330
Processor feature 7736 Processor Speed 1.9 GHz
Performance Processor CPW 3800
Main Storage Capacity 4Gb #313D (2048 Gb) (2 Pcs)
System Capacity 564,5GB
OS Version V5R3M0
Communication Card #5706 PCI-X 1Gbps Ethernet-TX IOA
Disk Controller #573D Raid Enabler Card
Disk Unit #4327 ( 70.56 GB 15k RPM Disk Unit)
Machine Status Operational 


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