2743 PCI Ethernet IOA

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IBM 2743 is used for attaching the iSeries Server to IEEE standard 802.3Z high-speed 1Gbps) Ethernet TCP/IP LANs. It can also be used to connect to existing 100Mbps Ethernet LANs via switches with 10/100/1000Mbps ports. The adapter supports a multi-mode fiber interface with via a duplex (62.5 micron or 50.0 micron) SC connector cable. #2743 requires a Gigabit Capable Switch with at least one port that supports a 1000BASE-SX interface with IEEE 802.3z and 802.3u compliance. Restrictions: #2743 supports 1000MBps (1Gbps) full duplex interface only. It cannot negotiate down to a lower speed. Stations on the 10Mb and 100Mb switched LANs can communicate with the #2743 through a switch that is capable of handling all these speeds.
If a #2743 is controlled by a #2790/2791/2799 Integrated Server, then specify code #0225 1Gbps Ethernet Specify must be ordered for each #2743 controlled by an Integrated Server.

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The #2743 can be directly attached to a Linux partition. When ordered as #0601: Linux Direct Attach #2743, an IOP is not required.
When directly attached to a Linux partition, the #2743 cannot be accessed by OS/400 partitions. #2743 only supports TCP/IP connection; SNA and IPX connections are not supported. #2743 cannot be used with the #2890: PCI Integrated Netfinity Server. Requires a 64-bit card slot.



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