2746 PCI Twinaxial Workstation IOA

Condition : Refurbished

IBM 2746 provides support for up to 40 active 5250 type displays and printers. A 20-foot cable with an 8-port expansion (breakout) box is included with the adapter. Each port supports seven attached devices allowing for 56 attached devices of which only 40 can be active. #2746 is specified when additional PCI twinaxial workstation controllers are required.

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2X Mode: 2 Mbps versus 1 Mbps throughput of the #6050 Enhanced Twinaxial Workstation Controller .
• Optimized Mode: The block transfer of data is improved to almost double the throughput to or from the attached device.
• Dual Mode: Two ports are polled simultaneously on the #2722, #2746, #4746, and #6180 workstation controllers. On older controllers (such as the #6050 Enhanced Twinaxial Workstation Controller), only one port out of eight is active at any given time.


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