280B Fibre Channel PCI-X Adapter

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The 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI-X Adapter is a 64 bit address/data, short form factor Peripheral Component Interconnect-X (PCI-X) adapter with an LC type external fiber connector that provides single or dual initiator capability over an optical fiber link or loop. With the use of appropriate optical fiber cabling, this adapter provides the capability for a network of high speed local and remote located storage. The 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI-X Adapter auto-negotiates for the highest data rate (either 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps) of which the device or switch is capable. Distances of up to 500 meters running at 1 Gbps data rate and up to 300 meters running at 2 Gbps data rate are supported between the adapter and an attaching device or switch. When used with IBM Fibre Channel storage switches supporting long-wave optics (distances of up to 10 kilometers) are capable of running at either 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps data rates.

The 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI-X Adapter can be used to attach devices either directly, or with Fibre Channel switches. If attaching a device or switch with an SC type fiber connector, use of an LC-SC 50 micron fiber converter cable (FC 2456) or an LC-SC 62.5 micron fiber converter cable (FC 2459) is required.

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I/O bus architecture

  • PCI 32 and 64 bit data and 33/66 MHz clock frequency
  • PCI-X 64 bit data and 66/100/133 MHz clock frequency

Slot requirement

  • One available 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slot (5 volt tolerant)

FC compatibility

  • 1, 2, 4 gigabit


  • Multimode 50/125 micron fiber with LC connectors:
  • 0625 Gbps: 2 – 500 m
  • 125 Gbps: 2 – 300 m
  • Multimode 62.5/125 micron fiber with LC connectors:
  • 0625 Gbps: 2 – 300 m
  • 125 Gbps: 2 – 150 m

Maximum number

  • For the maximum adapters supported, see the PCI adapter placement topic collection for your system.

Operating system or partition requirements

  • AIX 5L™ Version 5.2 with the 5200-04 Technology Level
  • AIX 5L Version 5.3 with the 5300-03 Technology Level
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3 U3

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9


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