2838 PCI Ethernet IOA

 Condition: Refurbished

IBM 2838-9406 23L4293 21H5460 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet IOA
The advanced functions offered on DS8880 systems enable simpler and easier configuration. This offering has three advanced functions bundled as shown below.
Base function License
Logical Configuration support for FB
Operating Environment License
Thin Provisioning
Easy Tier
I/O Priority Manager
Copy Services License
Metro Mirror
Global Mirror
Metro/Global Mirror
z/Global Mirror
z/Global Mirror Resync
Multi-Target PPRC
z-Sinergy Service License
FICON attachment
High performance FICON
IBM z/OS Distributed Data Backup
This offering enables customers to order, install, and manage license features in a more efficient manner.

The following licensed functions are available on IBM DS8880 (Machine type 2831, 2832, 2833, and 2834)

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2838 Model LF8:
-Base function license (feature numbers 81xx)
-Copy Services (CS) license (feature numbers 82xx)
-z-synergy Services (zsS) License (feature numbers 83xx)

Model abstract 2838-LF8

IBM DS8000 DS Base Function (feature numbers 81xx)
IBM DS8000 Copy Services (feature number 82xx)
IBM DS8000 z-synergy Services (feature number 83xx)
IBM DS8000 Copy Services Manager on HMC (feature number 84xx)


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