IBM 3489 Info Window II Modular Display Station

Condition : Refurbished

IBM 3489 InfoWindow II Modular Display Station is an AS/400* twinaxial-attach, modular design, display terminal supporting OS/400 advanced 5250 functions of: 5250 Image/Fax: The 3488 can display and locally print single-page monochrome image or facsimile. The 3489 supports popular image formats (IOCA, PCX, TIFF) and image viewing manipulations (scale, rotate, reverse image, scroll). The 3489 is designed for AS/400 applications that support image or facsimile, for example, IBM’s Facsimile Support 400*. 5250 Shared-Addressing: The 3489 can have up to four display sessions share a single address. 5250 Video Delivery: An AS/400 application can control audio and full-motion color video of Tecmar’s PC/TV.

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Supports attachment of many IBM P and G series monitors
as well as most standard SVGA Color Monitors
Supports 24, 32, 43 and 49 rows by 80 columns and 27 rows
by 132 columns (monitor-dependent)
User-selectable foreground and background colors
Modular logic unit can be desk or wall-mounted
Two keyboards available:
122-key 24-Command Key keyboard and 102-key 12-Command Key keyboard
Supports four display sessions and one printer session
Shared addressing: all display sessions use (share) a single twinaxial address
Variable vertical or horizontal split screen
Enhanced user interface with IBM mouse and/or light-pen support


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