IBM 3573-L2U Tape Drive Library Express

Condition: Refurbished

The IBM 3573 System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Model L2U (machine type 3573) now incorporates the new LTO Ultrium 6 full-high 8 Gb Fibre Channel, half-high 6 Gb SAS, and half-high 8 Gb Fibre Channel tape drives, enhancing tape performance over the previous generation of IBM LTO Ultrium 5 tape drives with a native data transfer rate of up to 160 MB/sec.

The 3573 TS3100 Tape Library Model L2U is an external 2U stand-alone or rack-mountable unit that is designed for the heavy demands of backup tape storage. The TS3100 Tape Library can incorporate a single IBM LTO Ultrium Full-High Tape Drive or up to two IBM LTO Ultrium Half-High Tape Drive

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The TS3100 capacity is 24 tape cartridges, providing an Ultrium 4 media physical capacity of up to 19.2 TB (38.4 TB with 2:1 compression) data storage per unit. It is supported for LVD SCSI, Fibre Channel, and SAS attachment for System p, System i, System z, System x, HP-UX, Sun, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers with LTO Ultrium Tape Drives.

The TS3100 Tape Library offers the following significant improvements over the existing 3581 Tape Autoloader:

  • Increased cartridge capacity: The TS3100 is configured to hold two removable magazines, one on the left side (11 + 1 slots) and one on the right (12 slots) for a total of 24 data cartridges.
  • Standard bar code reader: With the addition of the standard bar code reader, you will be able to operate the TS3100 as a random access tape library with labeled media. Labeled Ultrium media can be ordered as part number 95P4278 or 95P2020, via the 3589 LTO Ultrium media machine type. Refer to the Supplies section for additional information.
  • I/O station: Standard on the TS3100, a single-cartridge I/O station on the left cartridge magazine is designed to allow for continuous library operation during import or export of data cartridges.
  • Removable cartridge magazines: The TS3100 has two removable magazines that house the 24 data cartridges. This allows for quick population of the tape library, as well as ease of storage for media. You may order additional right-side magazines as an optional feature number.
  • Customer Replacement Units: Drives, power supply, and cartridge magazines are customer replacement parts.


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