IBM 3581-F38 Ultrium 3 2Gbps Fibre 8 Slot Autoloader

Condition  : Refurbished

The 3581 Tape Autoloader is an external stand-alone or rack-mountable unit and contains an LTO Ultrium tape drive designed for the heavy demands of backup tape storage. The 3581 Tape Autoloader capacity is eight tape cartridges, providing a media capacity of up to 3.2 TB (6.4 TB with 2:1 compression) data storage per unit. It is supported for LVD Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) for Fibre Channel attachment to IBM i5 and iSeries, AS/400, IBM p5 and pSeries, RS/6000, IBM xSeries, Netfinity , HP, Sun, Linux , UNIX, and PC servers. The new 3581 Tape Autoloader Models L38 and F38 incorporate the IBM LTO Ultrium 3 Tape Drive. The IBM LTO Ultrium 3 Tape Drive is the third-generation LTO Ultrium Tape Drive in the IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium family of products.

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Increased performance — Maximum tape drive throughput data rate performance is more than doubled, up to 80 MB/sec native data transfer rate. Data tracks are now written 16 at a time. IBM Ultrium 3 Tape Drives can read and write, at eight data tracks at a time, LTO Ultrium 2 Data Cartridges at Ultrium 2 capacities and rates and read LTO Ultrium 1 Data Cartridges at Ultrium 1 capacities with improved rates.
Larger capacity — The tape cartridge capacity is doubled over the Ultrium 2 Data Cartridge up to 400 GB native physical capacity (800 GB with 2:1 compression), with the use of the new IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 400 GB Data Cartridge.
Ultrium 2 cartridge compatibility — The Ultrium 3 Tape Drive can read and write on Ultrium 2 cartridges.
SCSI Ultra160 LVD attachment — The Model L38 comes with a SCSI Ultra160 LVD attachment, for connection to a wide spectrum of open system servers. They are supported on AIX , OS/400 , i5/OS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, and other open systems.
Fibre channel attachment — The Model F38 comes with native switched fabric 2 Gbps Fibre Channel attachment. They are supported on AIX, OS/400, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, and other open systems.
New dual-stage 16-channel head actuator — The actuator is designed to provide precision head alignment to help support higher track density and improved data integrity.
New independent tape loader and threader motors and positive pin retention — These are designed to help improve the reliability of loading and unloading a cartridge, and to retain the pin even if tension is dropped. With an independent loader motor coupled with the positive pin retention, the tape threads with a higher level of reliability.
Dynamic amplitude asymmetry compensation — Readback signals are optimized for linear readback response from magneto resistive read head transducers. • Larger internal data buffer — There is a 128 MB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 3 Tape Drive as compared to a 64 MB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 2 Tape Drive.
Highly integrated electronics using IBM-engineered copper technology — This is designed to reduce the total number of components in the drive, lower chip temperatures, and reduce power requirements, helping to provide for a more reliable drive. The third-generation drive electronics are also designed to provide “on-the-fly” error correction capability for soft errors in the memory arrays in data and control paths.
Graceful dynamic braking — In the event of power failure, reel motors are designed to maintain tension and gradually decelerate instead of stopping abruptly, helping reduce tape breakage, stretching, or loose tape wraps during a sudden power-down.


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