IBM 4559 – HHX Tape Drive Half Height Enclosure

The Half-High LTO Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive is a tape backup subsystem ideal for entry to mid-range data backup applications. It offers:

  • 5.25-inch, half-high form factor (internal installation)
  • Solid performance: 200 GB native capacity, 24 MB/s native transfer rate, 18-watt operating power
  • Ease of use and service
  • Support for Ultra160 (or higher) SCSI adapters
  • Support for leading operating systems and popular backup software



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Half-High LTO Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive

Take advantage of solid performance, excellent data storage capacity, a high-density form factor, and industry-leading Linear Tape-Open (LTO) backup technology with the Half-High LTO Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive.

The drive offers an attractively priced entry offering into LTO technology for mid- to high-end IBM eServer xSeries servers requiring high-capacity, high-performance, and high-reliability tape solutions in a 5.25-inch, half-high form factor.

Using its onboard hardware data compression feature and assuming a 2:1 compression ratio, this drive can store up to 400 GB per cartridge at a backup rate of up to 172.8 GB/hr. It delivers solid performance through attachment to a supported 160 MB/s, or higher, Ultra2 low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI adapter or onboard controller.

The LTO Generation 2 Tape Drive delivers strong performance with data transfers up to 24 MB/s in native mode (86.4 GB/hr) and 48 MB/s in compressed mode1 (172.8 GB/hr).

LTO Generation 3 Media 5-Pack Option: This option provides an economical, convenient method of purchasing data cartridge supplies for your LTO Generation 3 Tape Drives. This 5-pack will support any LTO Generation 3 tape drive or tape automation product, including IBM's LTO Generation 3 Tape Drive (25R0012). It is packaged as a separate option with five cartridges per carton and has a 5-year limited warranty.

PRO/1000 GT Dual Port Server Adapter by Intel™: The lead-free, RoHS-compliant2 Dual Port Adapter is optimal for visualized data centers that are slot-constrained. This adapter delivers an impressive throughput boost and other advanced server features such as failover, load balancing, and teaming with two ports up to 1 gigabit speed. The half-length adapter runs on a PCI-X 64-bit slot at speeds up to 133 MHz bus speed.


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