5703 SCSI RAID controller

Condition: Refurbished

PCI Ethernet P5 15 AS 400, 1GB

Item Description
Adapter FRU number 42R5130
Cache battery FRU number 39J5554
Cables Attachment cables are included with the attaching subsystem or device.
I/O bus architecture PCI-X compliant
Slot requirement One available 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slot when the disk controller adapter is used by itself.

Two available 3.3 volt PCI or PCI-X slot when the disk controller adapter is used with an auxiliary-write cache adapter.

Operating system or partition requirements i5/OS:

  • V5R3, V5R3m5, and V5R4 with PTFs

  • AIX 5L™ Version 5.2 with the 5200-10 Technology Level, or later
  • AIX 5L Version 5.3 with the 5300-06 Technology Level, or later

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 U4 , or later
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, or later
Installation Information For system-specific adapter placement information, see PCI placement in the system unit or expansion unit in the PCI adapter topic.
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The #5703 is a SCSI RAID controller that has a 40MB cache and provides RAID-5 protection of internal disks. It also supports internal tape units, CD-ROM, DVD-RAM, and DVD-ROM units.

The #5703 has two SCSI (VHDCI) buses.

In addition to providing RAID-5 protection for disks, #5703 also works as a high-performance controller for disks protected by system mirroring or disks with no protection.

The #5703 supports a maximum of 12 disk units (this total may be limited due to other expansion tower constraints).

A minimum of three disk units of the same capacity are needed for a valid RAID-5 set. A maximum of four arrays are allowed per controller. All disk units in an array must be of the same capacity.

Parity is spread across either two, four, or eight disk units in an array. If an array of three disk units is started, parity is spread across two disk units. If an array of four to seven disk units is started, parity is spread across four disk units. If an array of 8-12 disk units is started, parity is spread across eight disk units.

The number of arrays and size of each array can be influenced by specifying an optimization of either balance, performance, or capacity in Operations Navigator when starting arrays. An optimization of balance is the default when starting arrays from green screens. If disk units are in cluded into an existing array, parity may be spread across less than the preferred number of disk units. In this case the RAID function must be stopped and then started to redistribute the parity.

The #5703 can control up to two removable media devices (internal tape, CD-ROM, DVD-RAM, and DVD-ROM).


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