5704 PCI-X Fibre Channel Controller

Condition: Refurbished

PCI Ethernet P5 15 AS 400, 2GB

IBM PCI-X 2GB Fibre channel adapter single port FC5704 00P4297 00P4295 in IBM PCI-X 2 GB Fibre Channel Single-Port Adapter Card 00P4297 . IBM PCI-X 2 GB Fibre

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The 5704 PCI-X Fibre Channel Tape Controller IOA provides Fibre Channel attachment capability for external tape devices using an IOP base IOA adapter. The 5704 supports point-to-point and arbitrated loop topologies and has an LC-type cable connector. Each 5704 PCI-X Fibre Channel Tape Controller is shipped with a wrap connector (part number 05N6767). The 5704 supports 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X bus speeds.

Because V7R2 and above require IOP-less connectivity, the 5704 is supported only until V7R1.


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