IBM 3476 Info Window Display unit

Condition: Refurbished

IBM Display unit #3476  InfoWindow series 3476 is a 14-inch, flat screen, smudge-resistant, monochrome monitor that attaches to the IBM System/36, IBM System/38 and IBM AS/400 processors. The IBM 3476 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The IBM 3476 attaches remotely to these processors via the appropriate IBM 5294, 5394 or 5494 Remote Control Unit.


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Green 14-inch, maximum viewable image size of 11.4 inches,
supporting 24 rows by 80 columns
Two keyboards available: 122-key 24 command key keyboard and 102-key enhanced keyboard
Tilt/Swivel stand
Power saver feature
Auto dim


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