IBM 7042-CR8 Rack Mounted HMC

Condition : Refurbished

The Hardware Management Console (HMC) version 8 release 8.1.0 is designed to deliver support for:

RAID 1, enabling data redundancy
Up to 16 concurrent Live Partition Mobility (LPM) activities with IBM PowerVM
Latest web browsers

Intel 8 core processor, 2.00 GHz speed, 8 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and DVD-RAM optical device.

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Transitioning from SDMC/IVM management to HMC management: Transitioning from SDMC management of blades to HMC management of blades simply requires the user to add the blades to the management domain of the new console (HMC). This can be performed without a blade server outage.

The process for converting IVM-managed blades to be HMC managed is the same as the process for converting IVM-managed rack servers to HMC-managed rack servers. When converting from IVM-managed to HMC-managed blades, all partitions must be manually reconfigured and a blade server outage is required.


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