IBM 7042-CR7 Rack Mounted HMC

Condition : Refurbished

Intel Quad core 2.53 GHz processor, 12 MB L2 cache, 8 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and a DVD-RAM.

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Updated browser support: With the release of V7R760, the HMC now supports Mozilla Firefox 7 through 10 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 through 9.
Capacity on Demand enhancements: To better support IBM Pooled Capacity on the Power 795 system, you can now order an unlimited amount of CoD days. The previous limit was 9999.
PowerVM management enhancements:

IBM PowerVM and the HMC now support up to 16 concurrent live partition mobility (LPM) activities.
You can specify the destination Fibre Channel port for any or all virtual Fibre Channel adapters during a live partition migration.
You can create up to 20 partitions per processor core.
During DLPAR add or remove of virtual I/O adapters to or from a VIOS, the HMC now automatically attempts to run the Add/Remove commands (cfgdev/rmdev) on the VIOS. In earlier releases, you would have to manually run these commands on the VIOS.
Supported models:

HMC V7R760 is the last release to be supported on models 7310-C04, 7315-CR2, and 7310-CR2. Future HMC releases will not be supported on C04 or CR2.

Transitioning from SDMC/IVM Management to HMC Management: Transitioning from SDMC management of blades to HMC management of blades simply requires the user to add the blades to the management domain of the new console (HMC). This can be performed without a blade server outage.


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