IBM AS/400 9407 Model 515

Condition : Refurbished

System i model 515 Express Configurations offer:

  • i5/OS licensing by user, consistent with industry-accepted terms and concepts
  • More affordable entry price
  • Design for both traditional and new solutions
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With an attractive entry point, and with the options valued by small to medium-sized clients, the 515 is ideal for small businesses that want an easy-to-install, manageable system that offers the performance and reliability that you expect from IBM.

Benefits include:

  • Security and virus resistance to help ensure your system's reliability
  • Ability to run i5/OS, Linux, and AIX 5L applications on a single system and integrate IBM xSeries servers running Windows
  • 515 Express Configurations that include many of the base software capabilities your business needs
  • 1-or 2-way system with a 1.9 GHz POWER5+ processor
  • Support for 5 to 40 concurrent* i5/OS users with a P05 software tier
  • Built to your specific order and customizable

Order the model 515 as a 9407-515. It features a one-year limited warranty with 9 x 5, next-business-day, customer replaceable unit (CRU) and on-site service, which can be upgraded to 24 x 7, same-day service with service offerings. Depending on the configuration you choose, three months or one year of Software Maintenance for System i is included and can be expanded to either one or three years. connections, exchanging credentials (form of user identification) directly with the program or indirectly through application or middleware software supported by the program. You must acquire entitlement for the maximum number of i5/OS users simultaneously authenticated on the machine (concurrent i5/OS users).

The model 515 is a 1-way or 2-way system that uses a 1.9 GHz POWER5+ processor with L3 cache.

The i5/OS licensing by user associated with the model 515 gives you added flexibility. Previously, the System i model 520 provided unlimited i5/OS user license entitlements but offered a range of systems with small-to-large amounts of computing capacity (batch and 5250 CPW). A growing number of small-to midsize clients requested larger amounts of computing capacity for a wider range of applications. Many of these clients have a relatively modest number of system users and will find the model 515 to be a good match for their business.

The model 515 offers i5/OS V5R4 license entitlements for 5 to 40 concurrent users, offered in blocks of five users. There is also an option for an unlimited number of i5/OS user entitlements for users external to your organization, such as customers, business partners, or suppliers.

The model 515 includes applications such as i5/OS security and workload management tools, industry standard-based IBM DB2 UDB database, and WebSphere Application Server Express for Web serving.

Each model 515 system is built to your specific order and can be customized to your needs. The model 515 features an integrated set of hardware capabilities, including two 1 Gbps Ethernet LAN ports and a disk, tape, or DVD drive controller in the base. It is available as either a deskside/tower configuration or as a rack-mount configuration. As a rack-mount configuration, it can be placed in a 19-inch rack such as the System i 25U (1.3 m) or 36U (1.8 m) racks and requires only 4 EIA units or 4U.

The model 515 provides the full power of its POWER5+ processor. For applications that are not I/O intensive, this translates to 3800 CPW (batch or 5250) for the 1-way system and 7100 CPW (batch or 5250) for the 2-way system. For applications that are disk I/O intensive, this translates to 800 CPW (batch or 5250) for either the 1-way or 2-way 515. The model 515 has a maximum of eight disk drives.

You must ensure that you have an adequate number of i5/OS license entitlements to cover your system's concurrent i5/OS users. IBM provides several tools to help measure and monitor the quantity of users.


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