IBM FC#4630 DVD RAM For 9406-8xx

Condition : Refurbished

This DVD drive suitable for 9406- #830, #825, #870, Ultrabay enhanced SATA slim CD-RW/DVD-RAM

This DVD-RAM device reads and writes 4.7GB on single sided media. Double sided media, must be manually flipped. It can also read 640MB CD-ROM media.

Mounted in a removable media device slot, this feature may be used for alternate IPL, program distribution, and data interchange.

Attributes provided: DVD-RAM

Attributes required: Removable media device slot in an I/Otower/unit

For 8204-E8A: IBM i Power 6, 8204 (#4630)

Minimum required: 0

Maximum allowed: 18 (Initial order maximum: 0)

OS level required: IBM i V5R4 with V5R4M5 Machine Code, or later.

Initial Order/MES/Both/Supported: Supported

Not supported under AIX or Linux.

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