IBM AS/400 9406 Model 800

Condition : Refurbished

Model 800 for Small Enterprises

If you’re running a small business with minimal IT resources, your server must be easy-to-run, affordable, and offer the solutions and support you need.

The Model 800 is iSeries’ most affordable server with solutions specifically designed for small enterprises. You can manage your Model 800 from a Windows-based PC easily and train your operators quickly and easily.

Most small businesses need to run at least one Windows server. The iSeries can integrate Intel-based servers, so you can manage everything on the same system.

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The IBM 9406 Model 800 offers processor performance ranges from 300 CPW to 950 CPW. Depending upon the processor feature selected, main storage size is from 256MB up to 8192MB. Disk storage capacity on the Model 800 is from 17.5GB up to 4445GB.


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