IBM AS/400 9406 Model 570

Condition : Refurbished

IBM 9406 570 Server IBM iSeries 1.65 and 1.9 GHz, 4-core configuration with four hard drives and two power supplies and acoustic doors.

All Model 570 disk bays should be filled when the unit is shipped from IBM with either disk drives or slot fillers, but if a disk is removed, refill the disk slot with either another disk drive or a disk slot filler. Filling the disk drive slot will help ensure proper airflow for cooling and help maintain optimal EMI compliance. Ordering feature 6598 results in four additional disk slot fillers being shipped.
The power supplies automatically accept any voltage with the published, rated-voltage range. If dual power supplies are installed and operating, the power supplies draw approximately equal current from the utility (mains) and provide approximately equal current to the load.

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