IBM LTO-1 100 GB

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The IBM LTO 1 (part # 08L9120) offers excellent storage capacity and reliable data backup and recovery for midrange and enterprise servers. With a capacity of 100 GB native and 200 GB compressed, the IBM 08L9120 LTO-1 Ultrium tape transfers data at a 20 MB/s native (40 MB/s compressed), and boasts an archival life of 30 years. The LTO-1 Ultrium 08L9120 also has LTO-CM (Linear Tape Open Cartridge Memory using a radio frequency transmission) for user-specified information, which minimizes cut load/unload times within cycles (simultaneous exchange improves access speed by eliminating the need to read/write cartridge-dependent data from the media after it is loaded or before it is unloaded). The IBM LTO-1 08L9120 is compatible with all LTO-1 as well as LTO Type 2 in read/write modes, and compatible with LTO-3 drives in the read mode only. The LTO-1 Ultrium 08L9120 contains half-inch metal particle tape.


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