Imation Super DLT 320GB

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As capacity requirements grow your network and data centers require reliable tape media to store large amounts of data at a faster rate. Imation Super DLT tape I technology provides the highest capacity available. And the tape cartridges provide up to 320GB of storage and enables up to a 32MB/second transfer rate. Specifically designed for the demands of network and data center operations Imation Super DLTtape I cartridges provide flexible capacity and are read/write compatible in both SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 drives. Ensure efficient drive performance with regular use of the Imation SDLT Tape Cleaning Cartridge.
Key Features:
High Capacity to meet your needscompressed capacity of 320GB
Fast Transfer Rateup to 32MBps compressed
Compatibilityread/write compatible with SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 drives
Accuracyoptical servo tracks enable accurate data reading/writing
Durability1,000,000 pass tested
Limited Lifetime Warranty
110GB Native/uncompressed 220GB Compressed SDLT 220 (320GB Compressed SDLT 320) SuperDLT tape cartridge.

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