IBM AS/400 8205-E6C Model 740

Condition : Refurbished

The IBM Power 740 8205-E6C Server is a cost effective and high performance solution. PowerVM allows any individual LPAR to access the maximum amount of memory and CPU cores that are available on the server.PowerVM offers this capability to dynamically adjust system resources to partitions based on workload demands, enabling a dynamic infrastructure that dramatically reduces server sprawl via massive consolidation of applications and servers. In addition, optional components, in PowerVM Editions, are designed to provide advanced virtualization technologies, resulting inefficiencies in resource utilization and cost savings.

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The IBM Power 740 8205-E6C Server adds increased memory capacity and additional high bandwidth Generation 2 PCI-Express slots to provide even greater performance capabilities. Take advantage of the scalability and capacity of the IBM Power 740 8205-E6C Server by leveraging our industrial-strength PowerVM technology to fully utilize the system. The IBM Power 740 8205-E6C Server is a one- or two-socket server that sup-ports up to 16 POWER7 cores in a flexible 4U rack-optimized form factor. The Power 740 offers large memory capacity, out-standing performance of the POWER7 processor, PowerVM and workload-optimizing capabilities to enable companies to get the most out of their systems by increasing utilization and performance while helping to reduce infrastructure and energy costs.


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