Training Education AS/400

To improve the professionalism of your engineer we also have a training program for your engineer so they will perform as you expected
The materials we provide are:
1. AS/400 System Operation Fundamental
2. AS/400 System Operation Advanced
3. AS / 400 Database
4. SQL / 400 Programming
5. Query / 400
6. AS/400 CL Programming
7. AS/400 Basic RPG Programming
8. AS/400 Advanced RPG Programming
9. AS/400 ILE Programming
10. AS/400 Security System

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  • Bank Bukopin Training participants
  • Internship from Binus University
  • Internship from Binus University
  • As/400 Training
    As/400 Training from Heinz ABC
  • AS/400 training
    Participant from Heinz ABC